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“Hari Raya Kembali Meriah” with Biskut Raya Canister

1 :- Save Space & Daily Usage Transparent Canister Storage could be the most important aspect of this year’s Hari Raya celebration. Who doesn’t like well-organized food and attractive storage? Felton Malaysia offers a wide choice of sizes to help you organize your “Biskut Raya”. Not to mention spices, snacks, spaghetti, and whatever else you […]

3 Tips on How to become better Planter

Flower pot have a variety of uses, such as moving plants to new areas, planting seeds, developing plants in the anteroom and indoors, and developing delicate plants in colder areas indoors. Throughout the centuries, the use of flower pot has influenced plant use in garden landscape and house interior. For People who like gardening flower […]