1-4 Channel

Multi Channel Versions Wall Switch

You can now operate one or more applications independently while maintaining a consistent interior design.

Instinctive and flexible Control

A multi-channel wall switch that can be used to control multiple applications.


Smoove Wall Switch

Smoove Wall Switch https://felton.com.my/smoove-wall-switch/ Felton Malaysia

Mounted wall switch avoids cutting into drywall. This single channel, battery-operated solution is easy to install, and doesn’t require an electrician.

  • Block glare or create instant privacy with a single gesture.
  • Stationary control for a single window covering or group of window coverings.
  • Quickly move window coverings to your favorite position exclusive feature.
  • Protect valuable furnishings from harmful UV rays.
  • Allow natural light to warm your space in the winter or block it to keep it cool in summer.

Each channel can control an individual motorized product or a group of motorized products which provides practical and flexible control options.

CR 2430

RTS 433.42 MHz


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