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Motorize Window Blinds

Why switch to motorised window?
What’s the concern with your home’s current blinds, shades, or curtains?

Advantage of Motorize Blinds System

  • Advance Technology
  • Multi Control Function
  • Support Smart Home System
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Stylish & sustainable
Perfect Combination

Felton Blinds Powered by Somfy Motorize System

Motorized blinds can be controlled with a remote control, a smartphone app, or voice commands, making them suitable for high windows and roofs.

Motor Specification

Motorize System Perfection

Controlling the balance of natural and artificial light in your home, switching to motorised window blinds provides ease to your busy life.

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Smart Home Blinds System

Be a Smart in your on Way

With a smartphone, tablet, or the sound of your voice, you can operate your motorised window blinds. When there’s too much brightness, do you prefer to use your phone to close the blinds? Or are you wanting to give Amazon Alexa or Google Home a go with voice commands?

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Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Smart Home, Smart Life

Creating a smart home involves more than simply smart shading; it also requires interconnection between all of the smart goods you use on a daily basis to make living easier and more comfortable. Somfy makes this connection simple by connecting to your home’s existing smart home control systems. You can operate motorised window coverings, smart lighting, smart heating and cooling systems, and even smart audio systems all from one spot thanks to integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Felton – Make your Life Easier with our Motorize Window Blinds

Window Blinds

Felton Expert Teams Are Here to Assist

We are specialized in motorised window blinds and can assist you with selecting the best solution, fabric, and smart home technology accessories for your home and life style.

Working with a Felton Expert Teams means you’ll have a knowledgeable support team on your side, which is especially crucial when it comes to getting measures right the first time.

Our professional installers will ensure that your new motorised window blinds are properly installed and programmed to your specifications. We also assist you in learning how to utilise your new motorised solutions so that you can get the most out of them in terms of convenience and fun..

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Smart Home Connection Mapping

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Felton Motorized Window Blinds Smart Home

Enhance Your Smart Home

Felton has a solution for you, whether you want to automate your home’s interior window blinds or a complete office building’s automation system.

Felton Window Blinds Powered with Somfy Motorized Window System Connect With Other Smart Home

We put a high priority on partnerships and integrations with companies that suppport smart home technologies, so that we may continue to provide a consistent experience for all of our consumers.

How to control your smart automatic blinds?

5 ways to control Felton Automatic Blinds by using your Connexoon Window RTS

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With Connexoon Window RTS Smart Control

Launch your favourite daily routines in one touch thanks to 2 personalised scene launcher buttons.

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With a voice assistant

Control your Smart Home products with a compatible voice assistant.

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With the Connexoon app

Control your Smart Home system from your smartphone home or away. Control it also without thinking about it thanks to the time programming function or a sensor.

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Smoove Wall Switch

Control your Smart Home system from your smartphone home or away. Control it also without thinking about it thanks to the time programming function or a sensor.

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Situo Remote Controls

Situo Remote controls are a stylish addition to your home – it opens and closes your Somfy RTS motorised rolling shutters, blinds, awnings and venetian blinds, and even allows you to customise its settings.

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